Tim Fisher

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Tim Fisher

"Who the f%$^ is Bobby Wong?"

Another Mansfield lad to add to our fine collection, Tim lives in a small mining village nearby called Langwith, along with all the assorted scrotes, slappers and smelly old men that live in such places, of course. Not that we hold living in Langwith against him, we just find it curious that someone would prefer to live there rather than try any means possible to get out, up to and including tunnelling under the walls. Thankfully, Tim does escape now and again, if only to ply his Painting and Decorating tradesman cover story upon unsuspecting old women in Shirebrook, who really should know better than to let him loose on their house. Well, at least he can have a go at this Warhammer lark afterward: their loss is our gain, or something.


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A character with this item is immune to psychology thanks to much viewing of the indescribable filth contained within. However, roll a D6 at the start of each of his turns: on the roll of a 1 the character may not move for the rest of that turn and is unbreakable whilst he leisurely cracks one off. He is hit automatically in close combat though and cannot defend himself with a shield as cracking one off requires two hands, or so the girls say.



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